Outdoor Ceremony?

We’ve all been to a wedding ceremony where the Bride and Groom’s beautiful words to each other just could not be heard, either because there was no sound system or the sound system provided was not adequate nor was it operated by a qualified soundman. Keith Maddox is a trained sound technician with years of experience running sound equipment.

We have a PA System available to ensure your guests hear every word of your special day.  The system is small and out-of-sight so it won't be a distraction from the scenery.

A sound system is suggested for outdoor or indoor weddings with more than 50 guests in attendance, especially if they are seated in chairs in rows.



Keith Maddox is a legally ordained officiant who will work with you to create a completely customized ceremony that reflects your personality and style while including any or no religious aspects.  Let us help you truly create the wedding of your dreams.

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