Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!!  Maddox Entertainment is committed to meeting your entertainment needs.  The success of your wedding reception is the direct result of detailed planning which we are prepared to help you through! This detailed planning consists of a personal consultation to help design a wedding reception tailored to your wants and needs.  Keith will use this to prepare and produce the perfect atmosphere for your special day.  During the evening, he will coordinate all the events with the banquet director, caterer, photographer, and videographer to ensure everyone has a clear understanding of your expectations.  He will make sure that you, your guests, and vendors will be ready for the events that will be coming up.  Maddox Entertainment will be ready to captivate the mood that reflects your style.  This is one of the biggest days of your life and you should be able to Celebrate Your Day… Your Way! 

How are we different?  We go the extra mile -

Pre-Planning & Coordination
We are dedicated to helping you create unique and unforgettable memories!  We have created an extensive Wedding Reception Planner to plan every detail of your reception and Keith will sit down with you personally to help you pre-plan the evening.  He will go over all the details of your party including when you want certain formalities done, songs you want and songs you don't.  Also any other things that we can incorporate into the evening to make is special for you, he will discuss with you.  He will coordinate all of the events with the venue caterer, photographer, videographer and any other event professionals that are used.  Coordination between all will give you the peace of mind that everything will flow smoothly throughout the night.  Our job is to create a great time for you, your family and your guests.

No other person you hire will affect your event as much as your DJ.  Did you know that according to a nation-wide survey through Modern Bride, newlywed couples said, after their reception, that at least 80% of the success of their event was attributed to the musical entertainment and master of ceremonies services. Make sure you hire the right DJ who will pre-plan, coordinate, and personalize your wedding!

Custom Love Story
Such a special way to personalize your wedding reception.  Keith will take information you give to him to write your custom love story that you and your guests will enjoy.  He will tell the story of how you and your fiancé came to be in a unique and memorable way. This is especially nice right before your first dance.  (NOTE: There is no additional fee for this service and is available upon request)

Customized Introduction
Instead of just simply saying the name of your bridal party, we can personalize it!  Keith will gather a little information about each person in the bridal party and write a customized introduction for them.  It might include their relationship to the bride and groom, a special trait about them, how they helped in your special day, or a special thank you to them. This is a unique and special way to personalize your day!  (NOTE: There is no additional fee for this service and is available upon request)


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